Got PA, help with advise how to proceed with work

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Please help.

I suffer from PA, went on MTX about 4 years ago, was always knocked out with colds/flus etc so left it and have been taking Meloxicam since and 'coping'.

Unfortunately, over that time I've changed companies a few times, I have been with my current company for about 10 months where my work means I am travelling the length and breadth of the country 4 days a week and clocking up between 500-1K miles per week. This has become really difficult in the last few weeks, to the point that I am thinking of jacking it all in.

My Rheumy has advised me to go back on MTX as my situation is not getting any better and I have decided to start end of March to avoid the colds/flus etc.

I don't claim anything and didn't think I was entitled to anything, when I joined this company they did ask whether I had an illness, I merely wrote down 'arthritis but does not affect my work'. I am not a member of any union and my contract is permanent. To be perfectly frank, I hate admitting I have a problem, I try to consider myself perfectly healthy and ignore the fact that I cannot lift my left arm higher than about 90 degrees, the right one goes up but only after rotating, neck rotation issues, feet pains etc...

When I am feeling particularly poor, I just take another Meloxicam/Ibuprofen/Co-Codomol tablet(s)and try to get on with it. I've even told my Rheumy that I don't think I need anything as long as she keeps prescribing the NSAID's for me, infact I've only seen the Rheumy recently (End Dec) after about 1.5 years because I was trying to get another steroid injection! She did very kindly point out all my issues and advise that it was only going to get worse unless I went back on MTX.

It's just that over the last few weeks I've been struggling so much, I've never struggled this much before and hoping it's a phase that will pass but what if it doesn't? I feel like I have no choice but to keep going no matter what and keep popping the pills.

I am not sure how I should proceed, I have taken some advise and been told that if you let HR know then under DDA they cannot get rid of you and have to try to accomodate if they can. The issue is, am I disabled? I've never thought so even though my mobility is severely restricted many times. How do I prove that I am? What procedures do I follow? I just don't know where to start...


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    Hi Dnaissues

    You need to take some serious advice on this matter and I would suggest
    You pay a visit to the Citizens advice, they are very good and have people who specialise in these matters and it is very confidential.
    The problem you have with work and talking to HR is that in the future your disability may prevent you from moving into other areas of work within the same company. firms can use the DDA against you by just going through the motions Although all firms have a disability code they don’t always practice or they use it to suit there own needs. I would get advice before you say anything. You have to be realistic about your
    PA and you don’t know what the future holds. I to suffer with PA and RA
    I had to retire from work because of it.
    Take Care and keep your chin up
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    Hi Colinone,

    Thanks for the response, it's greatly appreciated, for a moment I got the feeling everyone was 'driving past'.
    I'm not too bothered about another role with the company as I am field based and live too far away for an office based role. My main wory is how to approach this one, do I speak to HR first or my line manager. How did you tackle your work?
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    Hi Again for now i would not worry about weather or not you can perform your job or how you are able to continue. The stress of it all at once is to much. talk to the CAB about the other issues before anyone else.

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