chicken pox?

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I had my THR on 23rd Feb and was discharged from hospital on Saturday. I developed a few raised spots on my face and neck, which have increased and now look like small blisters. Today I have some on my arms amd back. I think they look like chicken pox and as I have had them as a child wondered about shingles. My GP is coming out later today, but wondered if you know if this is a problem so soon after the surgery?


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    Hi there,

    I'm glad that you are seeing the GP, because this is the kind of enquiry that we would not be the right people for. We'd have to suggest you get someone medical to talk to.

    What we are more about is signposting, and supporting people over self-management.

    I wonder if you'd like an information pack about self-management and arthritis? If so just email your full name and address to

    I hope that's helpful