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I saw my manager today, as I thought I should tell her about my visit to the doctor.

She was fine, but said, with some justification, that I should think about re-deployment. My problem is that at the moment I am waiting to see a neurologist about possible Myasthenia, which was the rheummys decision, and I told her at the moment I can't think abuot the future as things could change and I need an 'all clearr' or otherwise from the neuro and occy health doc first. No real problem for her, but she seems to be pushing me to ask for redeployment and is against occ health retiring me sick. I also have to see a plastic surgeon about carpel tunnel surgery. Would it be better for her, I wonder, to pass the problem on, or am I being cynical? I can't think about the future until I know what I will be able to do and I don't want to be rushed, I'd rather leave, but won't until I have to for pension reasons. Sue


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    Hi Sue
    Don`t be pushed into making any big decisions until you know all the facts. Your boss has her agenda to fill, but it is impossible for you to make any decisions about your future at the moment as you don`t have all the information in front of you to do that. I am sure your brain is working overtime at the moment and that is exactly the reason why you can`t be pushed to decide what to do re your career.
    Your boss should show a bit of compassion and allow you to make those sort of decisions in your own time.
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    Hi NB,
    Yes, I am quite worried about things. Hopefully, I'll be in a better position soon, but can't really think at the moment or know how well I might be able to work. My Manager thinks that the docs should have sorted everything out by now and given me a proper diagnosis, if only life were that simple! :wink: Thanks for the reply, hope you're a bit better today, Love Sue.
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    Hi woodbon

    I’m a bit on the cynical side when it comes to Management they always have their own brief and its never the same as yours. There main interest is cost to the department. The same goes for HR staff the department is responsible for many of the policies set out for your employer and they like to go through the motions to prove policy works regardless to the cost of the employer. Another thing I have noticed is that they are reluctant to retire on health grounds if it has a cost effect on them.
    Anyway I hope all goes well for you do take care and keep your chin up.