Can you get arthritis at top of spine going into neck

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Hi, I am new - so apologies if I make mistakes. I have had a CAT scan - as I was getting much pain in gall bladder area - I was simply told 'degeneration of spine' - I was told this about 30 years ago as well, but nothing has been done. I am getting severe discomfort at top of spine and into neck, its as if the top of my spine has been smacked with a cricket bat and is sore and gets swollen at times. Does anyone else get this symptom? I cant take too many painkillers as I have a bowel disease, which means I need to keep everything flowing if you understand my meaning, and I find pain killers block the works. Anyone similar symptoms? Advice?
thanks, Saloplass. :cry:


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    Hi Saloplass

    To answer your question yes you can get arthritis in spine and it can go into the neck. I'm sorry to hear you are experiencing so much pain. With your other health issues I'm sure is can be difficult to manage everything. Have you ever consulted a pain clinic? If not you may like to ask your GP for a referral. In the meantime you may also find these booklets by ARC informative: - A pain in the neck - Back Pain

    I'm sure you will get responses from other people on the Forum who may have experienced similar symptoms.

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    Best wishes