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Hi,In Jan this year I was diagnosed with OA in my hands and wrists.The hands become very stiff,swollen and painful and I get regular flare ups.Since Feb I have now got re occuring pain in the top of the arms,knees,fingertips,top of feet and sometimes soles of feet.I started taking solpadine which worked for a while but I now take Sopadol(500mg paracetamol with 30mg codeine).Is it common for OA to move around the body? The past few weeks I find I have no energy and I guess that is a side effect of arthritis.My GP has run a series of blood tests as my liver function test is abnormal but all the other results are OK. I work part time as a home help and doing that type of work is becoming very difficult and I have had to give up two of my jobs and I am struggling to carry on with the other two.Most people don't understand how painful the condition is unless they are a sufferer themselves so I try not to ask for help except from my husband.I must say,I have had a lot of good advice from forum members,not much from my GP though. Regards,Breane.


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    Hi Breane
    Yes, OA can move around the body and you can feel tired if you are having a flare and there is inflammation in your joints.
    Does your GP prescribe the Solpadol? If not then check with him that it's OK to take them as your liver function tests are abnormal. If he is prescribing and they are not controlling your pain, go back and ask him to prescribe something else.
    Your job sounds physically demanding and if you are self employed you may need to give this serious thought. If you work for an agency or Local Authority then, under the Disability Discrimination Act, your employer has a duty to make 'reasonable adjustments' to your working practices and conditions. Our booklet 'Working with Arthritis' explains this and you can download it or I can post it to you if you send us a private email with your address.
    Best wishes