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Hi, I was diagnosed with arthritis in my knee last year, i am learning to ride a bike again after many years. I am starting physio next week my knee very painful. I am finding it hard keeping my leg on the pedal and bending my knee when peddalling. I am also learning to swim which is good for my knee. please help


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    Hi sheils

    I ride a bike locally and it is mainly on the flat so that is good news to me. I have had oa in the knees for years and recently had a total knee replacement (left). I have for a long, long time, preferred to ride my bike than walk as I have no pain, only getting on and off the bike! As it is non-weightbearing it seems kinder on my knees.

    You are brave to start now to ride your bike now. Be careful. :oops: Falling off will not do you any good. :roll: I used to take painkillers - maximum a day before the op and still take 2 anti inflams every day for all the other aches and pains elsewhere. Are you on any meds?

    Perhaps you should leave the bike and continue with the swimming until you have had a chat with your physio. Perhaps an exercise bike would be better for you to "practice" on to begin with if physio ok it. I do 10 minutes on one everyday, which I started after my TKR and I just got into the habit. I am a little boring like that. :roll: :lol::lol:

    Good luck :D

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    If you are having problems keeping your foot on the pedal and bending your knees it may be an idea to start physio first and strengthen your leg muscles a bit more before you start bike riding again. As Elna says you don't want to fall off as this could cause you more problems. Also a stationary bike to start with would be less dangerous and help build your leg muscles and confidence again along side leg exercises for your knees.

    Be careful while you are swimming and try not to do strokes that involve kicking at awkward angles like for example the breast stroke. If you would like us to send you an information pack on managing your knees just private message us your full name, age, and postal address.

    Best wishes