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Where do they go these posts that are moved.?
Why does it not tell you ?
2 Lately have only said this post no longer exists,have they disappeared into the ether?
Do the poster people get informed?
Have rules been breached?
I need to know(just cos I'm nosy.
Linda H :lol::lol::lol:


  • nearlybionic
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    I must be a bit slow but I haven`t even noticed anything!! :oops:
    But have now, and still don`t know.
  • woodbon
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    I've noticed and I though I'd just clicked in the wrong place :!: :oops:
  • jean123
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    Hi all,

    Threads are either moved because they breech the forum rules, or because someone has raised a query. We then take the thread off the public forum until we are happy that everything is OK. If the rules have very obviously been broken, for example, if someone is trying to sell a product on the site, the thread will not be put back.

    I hope this helps.

    Jean123 (ex jeannie2)
  • Wonkylegs
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    thanks for explaining that.

    just a shame when we lose the positive and helpful messages on a particular thread because of something one poster may have done.
  • petmad
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    I agree Wonky, surely there is a way that that individual post can be removed, or that they can put the OK/approved posts back on so the thread can be continued. Linda