Strange sensation in throat!!

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I have got osteo arthritis in my neck. Besides the usual problems with almost continuous tingling sensation & pins and needles in lt arm, tension headache etc. I have noticed that there is a strange sensation in my throat when I swallow, it seems I have got a lump but I have felt my neck and cannot feel anything. I wonder whether it is my imagination doing over time after doing too much research on the internet. My husband told me I am a moaner and there is not a day goes by without me finding something to complain. He said I should just accept these things as we are getting on a bit. Anyway, will see GP on Monday and ask her to chase physio treatment. The tingling and pin and needles cannot be right, there must be something pressing on a nerve. Anybody with osteo in neck? Do you get these pins and needles and how do you cope with it, it is driving me mad? Thanks


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    I have both of these problems all the time.

    I have a sore throat where, everytime I try and swallow there is an uncomfortable feeling of a lump/tightness etc in the throat. If I have a "flare" or symptoms are incredibly bad this gets worse.

    I also struggle with losing my voice and I always have a very creaky voice.

    I have also got constant tingling in my arms and legs.

    I have tried to mention it to my Gp but he wasn't that interested (no surprise there!).

    Sorry I can't be of more help.

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    Thanks Kath, I am glad I am not the only one who experiences this strange sensation in throat. Like you said, it is not painful but it is there, when I mentioned it to hubby he grins hinting what next with her. He is supportive in his own way and if it is up to him, I can stay in bed all day doing nothing & he will look after me. I rather be active even it kills me after I have spent a little time doing the garden & potter round the house. I cannot stay still, I have to do something either I am using the computer or watch TV. When my back is very bad, I know when to stop as I cannot bend down, then I know I am in trouble and has to slow down. Do you find if you dress up with your make up and people look at you and make judgement and think you are fine & you must be putting it on. That's what people think of me esp the family. You look fine, just put up with it and carry on as normal or you must be exagerrating your condition. I am glad I have found this site, it is nice to have a chat with people with the same problems. Take care. Marie
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    Hi dear Kath

    I wondered why I had not heard from you but now I know the reason why.

    I hope you are less tired today and that you are feeling a little better this afternoon.

    Look forward to hearing from you,

    Elna x()
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    I know this isn't the same as the feeling of a lump in your throat and is a different sensation but many of us experience sore throats and it's to do with the arthritis (more usually RA or PA) being uncontrolled in your system. When the arthritis has settled down you'll probably find the sore throat goes too.

    Luv Legs :D
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    Hi, well I've experienced that 'lump in the throat feeling' over the years, particularly when stressed about something!
    Linda mentions this is different to a'lump in the throat feeling' due to arthur though.

    I have noticed a feeling like a tightening in my throat, rather like someone having their hands around it :!: I wonder if this is also due to arthur :?:

    Strangely, on reading this thread, I started to get that lumpy throat sensation :shock: Think its a bit like 'power of suggestion' :)

    Jackie x