DWP/ESA: No communication between them!!!!

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I received a letter from Atos acting on behalf of DWP a couple of days after my THR asking me to attend a medical about`limited capability for work` assessment. I rang them as asked and explained that I was not able to attend yet due to recent surgery. They `no problem` we can come to you, but need to make an appointment to attend a medical 1 hr 40 mins away first as it would stop them contacting me about it. :? I queries this, and was told they would put the appointment on the system to stop further letters etc, but would inform DWP that I needed a home visit. I then got a letter asking me to attend last Thurs for medical(1hr 40 mins away. I rang up to check that I didn`t need to attend and was told `no its ok we will send a home visit date soon`.
And today I received a snotty letter saying I didn`t attend last Thursday and did not give a reason why i doidn`t attend. I now have to write to them explaining my actions or they will stop my ESA!!!! :x
Why can`t people do what they say they are going to do? :shock:
Their office is closed tday so I will ahve to simmer, sorry wait until Monday to speak to someone, But I know now they will deny knowledge of my calls to discuss not being able to attend yet. I did say I would attend when I am more mobile, but they said I needed to be seen sooner!
With this and the DLA aggro, I am losing patience big style!!
On top of that I have bursitis now so could really do without this!!
Ok rant over!


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    Hi Nearly,
    I am sorry you have so many things just now. If your lucky your call would have been recorded, a lot of Gov. lines now are? I hope monday brings some kind of achnoledgement that they will hold to.
    What I truly don't understand is how, so soon after your opp and while you still have the other side etc they expect you to be working? Your benefit should just be there as standard!
    I can't help you except by sympathising and getting angry for you, but keep us posted as your on a road I at some point have to go on as I'm self employed with unsporting doctors that should be fun! :wink: You take care and look after your self and don't let them bully you. Cris
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    A bit of an update. I rang Atos this morning, who confirm that I contacted them and explained why I| couldn`t attend at the moment, and that my GP had faxed proof of operation date etc 5/3/09. They said that my file had been requested by Jobcentre plus and had been returned to them with this info in it.
    So...I rang local Jobcentre plus , who have NOTHING on my file! :shock: And say all they have is my sicknotes which I have been sending in regularly.
    Why are these places so incompetent!! Its worse than lack of communication, its NO communication. They said they will check where my file is and ring me back, goodness knows when!! :?
    At least it shouldbe on record that I have contacted them today to alert them to their error. The emphasis being on shouldbe!!
    I will play the waiting game again!!
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    Hi NB, I agree, in one word INCOMPETENT :roll: I dread having to involve DWP about when Ive had my op, the Disability Dpt have been fine with me so far, but I have to attend medicals to recieve Incapacity Benefit, even though I dont recieve payments, only NI credits. What a farce it is. jk :roll:
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    Hi jk
    I had a phone call back from dwp and they said they contract the medicals etc.. out to Atos and it doesn`t always run smoothly. You telling me!!
    At first she asked me to fill in the form telling them why I didn`t turn up and why I hadn`t let them know. I said no, I have told you this already. Apparently Atos should have sent my file back to dwp for them to arrange a domicilary visit but they didn`t send my file back until after the appointment last week. So dwp weren`t told about my THR or Gp report. They apologised and have asked for file so they can make a home appointment for medical.
    The lady from dwp was very understanding and helpful, its just a pity that the 2 departments can`t communicate and prevent all this aggro for their clients.
    And I ensured that it was documented that I made the contact call today so they will not stop my ESA. (well she said she will document it!!!!)