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My rheumy said I have some infammation due to early signs of RA, and I am due to start on MTX in a couple of weeks.

I have read on here lots of people on different drugs BEFORE they go onto MTX. So if I am in early stages why do I need to go on what appears to be a strong drug? Or at least thats the impression I have got from the forum.

Help, I'm confused about all these different drug treatments!

Isn't the MTX given when other drugs have failed or when the disease is more advanced?

Jackie x


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    Recent studies have shown that by treating RA agressively from the outset reduces the chances of deformity and permanent disability. MTX is a normal 'starter' drug.
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    Nowadays people are put on Dmards almost straight away to prevent joint damage and to push active RA/PA into remission. Mtx is a commonly used drug from the Dmard family.

    Hope this helps.

    Luv Legs :D
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    Hi Jackie

    From what I have read the nice standards for treatment of ra are to start treatment aggressively with a drug such as methotrxate. I believe meth is the gold standard. But I have to say I read a lot and I have brain fog so dont quote me :lol:

    I do know someone with ra who was prescribed steroids initially then straight on to meth. I think studies show it helps disease progression to damp down inflammation early.

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    Hi, MXT is what is known as a "first line medication" along with Sulphasalazine, so these are the first DMARDS that they start treatment with, and then elder drugs if these fail, hope that helps love Jaspercatxx
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    Hi all,

    Thank you for your replies, I feel reassured now and much happier!

    Jackie x