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hello every one i am new on this site i have just been diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis has any one hear about this arthritis is there any one could give me a hint of what to expect .
i would be great full for any help
thanks :) [/i]


  • lindalegs
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    Hi Summer,

    Sorry I'm a rheumatoid and not a PA but lots of people on here should be able to help you.

    Just wanted to welcome you to the forum and say Hello.

    Hope you get some answers soon.

    Glad you found us. :wink:

    Luv Legs :D
  • skezier
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    Sorry I have only got oa but I also just wanted to say hi and know you will find a lot of help on the site. Take care
  • vonski
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    Welcome to the forum :) Sorry though another one that can't help but I know there are people here that can and will.

    Vonski x
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    Hi Summer nice to meet you and welcome to the web site I have PA and RA Had the PA for about 30 years now, Its not nice but you learn to cope and you will find this site is a great help to you. we have a great bunch of people here who you can talk to about anything especialy when its getting you down. Well i could prattle on for god knows how long and i sometimes do. Its no good me just going on tell me the sort of thing you want to know about. You never said what medication you have been put on. Have you psoriasis how long have you had it. some people can get the PA without the outbreak of Psoriasis i believe. Anyway as i said i have had it for 30 years and i'm still hear. Your future PA depends on how long you had it prior to being diagnosed really, as you know there is no cure but they can slow it down and make it go into remission, but they will try to get you on top of it. Where have you got the pain. There are other people with PA on the site and you will eventually meet them but please feel free to ask anything and i'll get back to you. Best thing for the moment is to try not to worry because the stress can make you worse. Take care and keep your chin up.
  • colinone
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    Summer I hope you don’t mind me saying but you might want to do a post that reads



    something along those line might get a better response from people who just browse.
  • frogmorton
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    Hi Summer
    Lovely name!
    Welcome from me!
    You have certainly come to the right place!
    Colin knows loads about PA so he should be really helpful to you with any questions you might have.
    Also if tyou have time look through the old posts there are lots of threads about PA there.
    Good luck and take care
    Toni x
  • jaspercat
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    Hi Summer, I have RA so cannot be of much help to you, however I just wanted to welcome you and hope to get to know you over time, take care love Jaspercatxx
  • mistywillow
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    jaspercat wrote:
    Hi Summer, I have RA so cannot be of much help to you, however I just wanted to welcome you and hope to get to know you over time, take care love Jaspercatxx

    Hi Summer
    Just to say Hi and welcome but don't have personal experience of PA but there are loads of people on here who do and will surely give you some helpful advice soon. From what I've read of Colin's posts he has a lot of valuable info to give.

    Take care the posts will come soon
  • hezmarie25
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    Hi Summer
    Just wanted to say Hi :D I too am new to this site. I have OA and dont know much about PA sorry. Just wanted to say hi. You will find loads of info and kind people of here.
    Keep smiling
  • jackie1955
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    Hello Summer, Welcome to the site, lots of friendly peeps on here.

    I have RA, recently diagnosed :( and soon to start meds. This site has been a marvellous find, lots of help and support from folk :) and we all have one thing in common - a daily battle with 'arthur' (arthritis!).

    A good idea is to read back through the old postings - you'll soon get lots of info.

    Good luck :!:

    Jackie x
  • woodbon
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    Hello, I have oa, so can't really help you but someone will I'm sure. Sue
  • debsmartin
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    Hello Summer and welcome I have Rhematoid Arthritis so can't offer any advise but I'm sure you will get loads of help and advise

  • haagan
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    Hi Summer
    Welcome to the site, finding this site was the best thing I did so I hope you will find it useful too. I have PA and OA in my hands. I was diagnosed in August so am still adjusting my medication at present, I have great Rheumy team available at the end of the phone if I am worried. I find the tiredness the most difficult to deal with and have to pace myself. If you have any worries just post on here and someone will be able to help you and you will get a lot of support from people who know what it's like to have arthritis in all it's forms. Fay

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