going to do something very stupid, wish me luck

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hi all

just wanted to tell you that i am planning a 4 day trip to london!
every time i think about it i know fine well am going to be unwell but i've decide that i just can't stop doing things and let my arthritis win.

i have planned the trip as best i can around my arthritis, trying to split day so not to much walking and i can sit down often. i am taking my little boy who is 3 and my sister with her little boy of four, my mum and my mums best friend and staying with my aunty in central london. i have spent alot of time down in london so know it well but i also know how wearing it is on the legs and feet!!

the only thing that worries me is that my family really has no idea what am really like, cos as we know we look well even when we ain't. i think it's going to be a shock for them as the days wear on.
however i am very much looking forward to it.



  • nearlybionic
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    Good for you! Have a great time and don`t let arthur put you off. If you know London quite well you should be able to plan your trip well with places to rest and have a break.
    Have fun :D
  • woodbon
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    Good luck and have a lovely time. We all have to live! :) Love SUe
  • jackie1955
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    Great! Have a lovely time - don't spend too much (money or energy :) )

    Jackie x
  • debsmartin
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    Have a lovely time and you are right you can't let arthur win. I'm sure if you know London well there will be plent of chances to have a sit down.

  • hezmarie25
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    Brilliant! I hope you have a wonderful time. Perhaps have a chat to your family before hand to make them aware of your limitations.
    Above all else, forget arthur and have lots and lots of fun :D
    Keep smiling and keep well
    Heather x
  • marie48
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    Good on you and enjoy yourself. I wish I have the courage to do something like that. I keep putting holidays on hold due to arthur. I seem to use that excuse if I do not want to do anything. My relatives abroad are asking me when I could come and visit but I do not think I could cope with the 12 hours trip. I find it difficult to cope before when I only had chronic backpain and now the other joints have decided to join it and make my life a misery. The only bonus is now I can stay longer having retired 3 years, and do not have to worry about returning back to work. Have a great time in London and take it easy at least you are staying with relatives and can pace yourself up. Keep us posted of you get on. Take care.
  • eckstardeluxe
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    Good for you. We can't let Arthur get the best of us. You seem to have planned your trip well and I hope you have a great time. Let us know how you got on when you come back. xx
  • elnafinn
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    Have a great time and enjoy! The two boys will! :D:D If you start to flag towards the end of the break I am sure your relatives will be understanding and perhaps it will be a learning curve for them.

    If the weather is good to you, dry at least, that will make a great difference. Everything seems more difficult and tiring in the rain!

    Have a good one!

  • lindalegs
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    You go for it Suzie.

    It's easier to stop at home in your comfort zone rather than taking the plunge out into the unknown. People don't realise a trip away from home for some of us takes as much courage as scaling the north face of the Eiger :shock: :wink:

    Enjoy it - you're already a winner.


    Luv Legs :D
  • debbierose
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    go for it babes enjoy yourself,
    don't give in, or you'll become an old woman before your time,
    planning is the key. let your mam know how you are, she will already know I bet, and is just waiting for the you to mention things,

    have a great day, spend spend spend,
  • frogmorton
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    Hi Suzie!
    Good on you girl!
    Have a wonderful time!!
    Let us know how you get on :)
    Toni xx
  • vonski
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    Hi Suzie

    Hope you have a great time, just go at your own pace, sure your family will understand :) Plus side if you need to rest you have someone to take your son out for an hour or two. I'm sure he'll have a ball :)

    Vonski x
  • michelle22
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    Hi suzie I hope that you have a wonderful time hun
  • joanlawson
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    Hi Suzie
    I hope you have a great time in London.All big cities are exhausting, but at least you know London well. Could you stretch to the odd taxi cab instead of the tube, because all those long corridors and platforms are very tiring :?: It is a bit expensive, but might be worth the occasional one.
    Have a lovely time
    Joan :D
  • petmad
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    Suzie I hope you have a great time. Just take plenty of power naps and go out there and enjoy. Linda
  • suziev
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    thanks to all for your words of encouragement, it's just what i needed to hear, :lol:
    will post and tell you how i got on.
    suzie x
  • katekelly
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    We're doing a similar thing next week we're going to Glasgow for 2 days.....5 hour drive each way.....must be mad!!!!
  • suziev
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    hi all

    just to say that i had a great time in london, my body held up mainly i think down to the lovely weather we had and the extra pain killers but i also took it easy and sat down lots.

    the kids loved it and it was nice to spend time with my family only thing was it was a bit busy with being the school holidays but thats the way it goes.

    next holiday is much more relaxing thankfully :lol:
    suzie x

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