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i WAS WONDERING IF any on else had tried thease, please let me know???????

mike r & H azel &Mike R jr


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    Hi Mike, hope everything is going ok at the moment. I was bought my first Ortho bed by my parents after my Osteomyelitis at 12. I didn't know how good it was for my back until I stayed over at a friend's house. I felt like the Princess from the Princess and the pea, bruised all over!

    I didn't have one after leaving home, money concerns etc but always noticed the difference after sleeping over at my paren'ts (they live a while away).

    During my diagnosis in January when they said there was nothing could be done, he suggested a good ortho bed. We decided to splurge given my health was at stake. We found a sale in our area and managed to get a Silentnight Miracoil mattress. They have different kinds, this one was meant to be around £420 but we got it for £240.

    It is the best thing I've bought in a long time even eclipsing new shoes!! I'm still sore in the mornings but nothing like before. I sleep better at night too, they really make a difference. The only thing I'd say is you get what you pay for, most internet sites now have reviews on them from people who have bought the mattress. We used this as a guide to get the one we wanted. If you have the money it's a worthwhile investment. take care x
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    Hi Mike
    I do hope you are all well over there?
    I had an orthopedic mattress and found it did help.
    Some people swear by memory foam don't they?
    I'm sure there's an old 'bed' post on this forum somewhere?
    Take care
    Toni x
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    hi all,

    i tried the bed lt was brill , i was not sore when i woke up this morning. :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol: i tried out the massage unit and swear it is out world, you set it on pulse and it massages each part of your body. cant wait for bedtime .

    Mike R & Hazel&Mike R

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