Inflamatory joint disorder

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Hi there,

I have recently been diagnosed with Inflamatory joint disorder by my Rhumy and have been put on Hydroxychloroquine. I have bad wear and tear in my neck with painful neck and shoulders and lower spine. My muscles ache all over and I have alot of fatigue. It is especially sore at night. (That's why I'm up just now). I don't know what type of arthritis I have? Most people on the forum seem to say either RA or OA but I feel a bit silly as I don't know what I have! Can anyone help me please?


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    hi there it sounds as if it could be either or even something completely different it would be best to ask your rheumy or doc what exactly this means.
    Wear and tear is normaly oa however ra can lead to wear and tear and you can have ra and oa in joints that ra has damaged. So you do realy talk to the person who gave you this diagnoses and ask them exactly what dose this mean.
    But it dos'nt realy matter what you call it. It still is very painfull and upsetting and you will find comfort and people who realy care on this site sorry you are feeling so unwell I can understand your frustration. Lots of hugs and look after yourself be kind to your body and listen to it rest when you need to take care luv CB :)
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    Hello Josie, sorry to hear you in so much pain and I’m not sure if I can help with your question but ill have a go.
    Inflamatory Joint Disorder / Disease Is the name given when the rheumy is not quite sure what type of arthritis you have. Although you can press the rheumy for more tests to see where its heading. It is suspected that it is a auto-immune disease , you can read about this on the net. Wear and tear of the joints causes osteoarthritis and normally found in older people, that’s not to say younger people don’t get it.
    IJD tends to effect younger people more ( I don’t know how young younger people are ) With IJD there is no sign of wear and tear in the joints and it becomes harder to diagnose the type of arthritis you may have or probably will get but it is more associated with RA.
    IJD is caused by inflammation not wear and tear and it is the inflammation that is causing you pain. In some people it is harder to diagnose the type of arthritis you may get and that’s possibly why your rheumy has told you IJD but as I say you can press her but have a chat with her next time you see her. Write down things you want to ask because you some times forget in the consultation. Make an appointmen to talk to your GP he will help with any information you need. I hope this has been some help.
    Take Care
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    Many thanks to you both for explaining. I will ask the rhumy more when I see her in July. I have just turned 40 where life begins! (ha,ha). I'm going to try and sleep now, hope you can to! Thanks again and take care. Josey
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    Hi Josey
    Hello from me!
    They started out I had 'some sort of inflamatory arthritis' too.
    I think it's when they can see there's a problem, but they don't know exactly what yet. I am on hydroxy too.
    I hope you get some sleep - if not they might give you some amitriptilyne to help with that.
    Take care
    Toni x

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