Certain foods causing RA flare

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There is a thread in living with arthritis forum about certain types of food affecting RA and flares/pain.
The concensus seems to be that tomatoes are one of the worse culprits.
Do you know if there is any scientific/medical evidence for this? Toms are one of my favourites, I grow them, and those that we can't eat fresh, I use to make sauces which I freeze and use throughout the winter. I eat tomatoes in one form or another almost every day. :shock:
I can't actually test the theory because I can't take a lot of the meds - am only now on sulphasalazine - and am therefore in pain most of the time. I only notice it worsen when I've had to drive long distances or been sitting still for some time.


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    Hi Fayrose

    There are a lot of myths around diet and arthritis and this is one of them. There is no scientific evidence to say that tomatoes are bad for any kind of arthritis.
    We are all individuals and I usually say to people that if they are having a bad time with their arthritis then to keep a food diary and see if for them personally there is some food or drink that seems to affect them but it is a very personal thing.
    As you say, you cannot test this theory yourself and I'm sorry you have so much pain. Don't forget you can call us on the freephone if you want to talk to us about this.

    Best wishes

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    Thanks very much for your reply. I was looking at one of the diet sheets listing foods which are claimed to be 'anti-inflammatory' and it lists tomatoes as one.
    Again, thanks for your prompt reply.