Sorry Any advice please?

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I hope you had a good Easter and are ll well?

I contacted you before and I'm sorry I have to do so again but I just wondered if you can help? I have useless doctors.... and they are! I have oa in my spine, I had a decompression years back '87 I think, and they took out all the disc's below L3 (I think but it was a long time ago), they also chipped away some bone and widened the canal to give the cord more space. A recent MRI showed no cord pressure in either the lower or upper back, so thats good! There was a dehydrated and a bulging disc in the lumber and I think the same in my neck as well as both bits growing a lot of extra bone. The lumber is fused but my Rumo says it's the wrong kind of fusing for as. He has done a lode of bloods as he thinks I have got ra, my hands and feet are swollen and I am worn out.

On sunday I lifted something wrong, got acute pain in the middle of my scar, lost both legs and it hurt to breath. I couldn't get up, crawled to the car and managed to sit there until I could get back in doors. I did go and lie down and it was a bit easier when I got back up. By then it had swelling over the lumber, and still has, is preity numb to the touch unless you poke where it hurts when it really hurts. It doesn't feel like muscle, it isn't radiating and is very central and it hurts. If it goes to really hurting it is taking out my right leg (it's always effected the left before).

I phoned the doctors, couldn't get an appointment and the duty doctor phoned me...... He said to keep being mobile, don't rest it and if it still hurt this much in a week to make an appointment! Oh and up my tramadol to 4 x aday and 2 at a time...... Please could you tell me what I really should be doing cus with this much pain and uselessness this doesn't sound right to me.

Sorry it's so long,
Take care,
Oh I am also on Diclo S/R and Pregabalin for the back.


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    Hi Chris
    This sounds like a really bad experience. You've had spinal problems for a long time now & you know your body well. If this swelling and numbness doesn't feel right and you cannot get an appointment with your GP you can always go to your local Accident & Emergency. They will check you out and give you treatment if necessary or, if it is nothing serious, you have put your mind at ease. I know it can be time consuming going to A & E but I really do think you need more medical advice than we can give you.
    Hope you feel better soon.
    Best wishes
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    Hi Val,
    This is a new one..... It has never done the right leg before. I know you can't really help as you don't know what I have done either. It was kinda unfair to ask but its better with a bit of rest so I think I will rest it and see how it is, unless cas. is quiet later, if it is I will go in. I will ring NHS direct as well, they may agree with the doctor.... They never have before! Either way I still will do it with a bit of rest though! :wink: I so hate those doctors, they really don't want to know and if I have got ra wont I need monitoring? Maybe the hospital does that and that guy is so good, if they don't I shall have to do that alone as well. Thank god for this site.

    Thanks again and you all take care,