25yrs old shoulder arthirits help!!

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My name is rachael i have 3 young children and i have arthritis in my shoulders both shoulders are afected but my left more thanmy right,
I dont know why im posting here i dont knowhow any of you can help but i have no idea how much longer i can cope with this extreme pain somedays is so bad i cannot evenget dressed or go to the toilet then there is the children to care for some mornings i have to phone my friend to get my son out of his cot for me as i cant even lift him. makes me feel so useless i have huge piles of laundry because sometimes i cant even do that. my partner will come home from work some days to find me crying with no housework done and all he can say is dont be so silly it cant hurt that much but he doesnt seem to understand that this pain the worst!
I am only 25yrs old the way i see it is its only going to get worse so what sort of life will i have? im on diclofenac and dihydracodeine (cant spell lol) while they help the pain i hate taking painkilles all day and night long.
If anyone reading this has any idea how to help the pain and how to make partner understand how bad the pain is i would greatly appreciate it....

Is it normal to have some ok days and some very painfull days 1 day be ok next day cant even move my arm!!


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    Hi Rachael,

    I don't often look at this forum 'cos I'm an oldie but I saw your post and had to type to you. I contracted RA when I was 27 and I had a newborn and a two year old toddler so I really do know how you feel. I've had it for 23 years :shock:

    You will get to feel better than this I promise you although it sounds as though your meds aren't working particularly well at the moment, can't you see your Rhuemy or GP and tell them how your feel?

    I'm glad you're accepting help from friends that was one of my biggest stumbling blocks - trying to cope on my own. Rest when you can and don't worry about the housework, that waits for you :roll:

    Hope you feel better very soon.

    Luv Legs :)
    Love, Legs x
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    Im 27 and have been diagnosed with RA in my hands, hips and knees. I know how you feel, but being on here can always lift your spirits. My husband used to say that it cant be that bad until he saw me last summer during our week long camp. It took me an hour to get out of my bed and another hour to get dressed. One of my friends had to tie my shoe laces as I couldnt. Since then he is more sympathetic. Im sorry yours isnt! He will come round in time.

    Take any help when you can. It takes time to sort out medication as well. Dont be afraid to take painkillers as it will help. Ive just come out of a bad flare up and am feeling good, but when its bad you need to get your medication right for you. Have you seen a rhuematologist? and do you see the rhuematologist nurse because they sometimes have a phone line to call for advice.

    Keep going
    Big hugs
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    Being a mother with young children I can sympathise.

    It is not all doom and gloom- for most people with arthritis there is a good prognosis with proper treatment and medication.

    It is miserable hurting so much and feeling like you are a hopeless mum! I can really relate!

    http://www.home-start.org.uk/ These people will help you if you have children under 5, they have been a God send to me.

    the disabled parents info people have some booklets on carrying a young child, adapted cots etc.

    There is a lot of info on the NRAS forums too.

    My Youngest holds onto my top, jacket collar etc and I scoop her under her bum! She has done this from 3 mths old.

    Have a look at this website-

    www.butyoudontlooksick.com at the spoon theory. I would print one or 2 off for hubby and others as it ehlps to explain life with a chronic illness. The lady who wrote it has Lupus but it rings true for RA sufferers like me (amongst others)too.

    All the best