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Hi all wondered if any one could help.Had my facet joint injections today as was diagnosed with oesteo arthritis a few months ago.Was lucky cos was my actual consultant who did my injections amd he met with me and was asking how i was etc and when i explained to him abouyt the pains in my elbows wrists hands etc and also showed him the rash i have developed he said to see my gp and tell him i needed referred to rheumatology as i need blood tests done to check certain blood markers.Just wondered is it possible to have both oesteo and rheumatoid arthritis as my consultant said today i definately have oesteo so now am very confused.any help or advice appreciated


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    Hello Ohithurts

    In answer to your question yes you can have both. Let's hope you haven't. Your consultant is quite right to make his suggestion. It is always good to get these things checked out thoroughly.

    Once you know what is going on and if you want to speak to us or require more information feel free to give us a call.

    Best wishes