Industrial Injuries Benefit

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Hi was just reading about Miners being given leave to now claim Industrial Injuries Benefit for Osteo/Arthritis of the knee by the DWP. I am encouraged by this as I have always believed that myself and many colleagues who worked for years in the Ambulance Service are now afflicted with O/A of spine , knees and hips ( I have all of them) due to the constant lifting of patients not only onto and off chairs and trolleys but sometimes up many flights of stairs.. I did this many many times during my 20yr career.
I just wonder if anyone thinks it worth claiming for this benefit and see what happens ?
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    if you dont try you dont know , there are so many occupations that have not helped peoples bodys , have a go x
    I know i am a lady ,all life is a journey xx MAY xx
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    yes,definiatly.both my parants were on the ambulance service.
    both took early retirement.
    mum is because of curviture of the spine (york stretchers)if that means anything to you.
    dad,an assault by a patient.if you paid in to a pension scheme look into early release as well.
    have you got a union?if so use them for advice.
    both parents were finished by the time they were in the forties.
    seek advice & then put in a claim. good luck
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    I'd definitely look into it. I'm pretty sure it is a taxable benefit though so if you are claiming anything else like tax credits which are means tested this income would be taken into account and could affect any payments you get from them. I'd double check that with the DWP though. Good luck.