RA and Breast Cancer

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I have suffered with my knee's and ankles for the last 4years and then last year i was dx with Breast Cancer,i'm over the worse of the cancer and now been dx with RA which is now in my shoulders arms hands neck.The medication i'm on for BC has Side effects of Joint pain so not sure which is causing the most pain,I've been in catering and there is no way i can do this job now as i would be standing for 8hrs a day and it is quite heavy work also my hands elbows are causing me alot of pain it seems what ever i over do on causes me alot of pain,eg if i write for a length my hands seize up or if i;m on the pc a lot they seize up can't hold the phone for a great length of time,infact it seems everything i do.i only sleep for about 4hrs a night on anti depressants as i keep stressing out due to the fact that i'm the main breadwinner as my husband is disabled,so i'm also his main carer aswell.I really can't cope with any more stress.Thanks for listening


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    hi taylah
    I`m so sorry you are having such a rough time of it. It must be hard working out whether pain is coming from RA or BC or side effects of meds! I hope you manage to work out a way of managing all the pain issues with advice from your Dr`s etc..
    It must be very stressful for you; worrying about work issues and being the main carer for your partner. Is there anyway you can access carer help/support for you and your husband at the moment until things improve? Maybe your GP could advise you of anything to help you both.
    I am glad you have found this site and hope you find lots of info and support here. :)
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    Hi Tayla
    Well done for coping so well with the cancer and now this too.
    Nearly gave you some good advice there, but I just wanted to offer you my support and to let you know that we are all here to listen and help each other.
    You take care
    Toni x