Orthongathic Surgery

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Im 25 years old, and have been having brace work on my teeth for years. More recently I have had braces put on the top and bottom, they are now going to operate, breaking both the top and bottom jaw, pushing the top jaw up and alot of gum shows and also moving the bottom jaw forward. And put metal plates in to hold it all in place.
I have laready spoken to someone on here who has had it done and they have been very helpful.

But is there anyone else on here who has had it done or knows of people who have had it. How did it go?
Does anyone know much about this kind of op, Im really nervous and very worried about it.


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    Hi Misschatterbox

    I can only imagine how worried and nervous you are about this op. Unfortunately, we at Helplines don't have much information on this so it may be worth your while putting this post on the Living with Arthritis Forum as more people may see it.

    Have a good weekend