At risk from OA?

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Hello !

Just going slightly mad and need some advice from you lovely people :D

I have OA and avascular necrosis in one hip due to a childhood disease.
I had an op on my hip aged 12 and 15. For the past 15 years i have walked with a limp, turned my leg out and curved at the waiste to componsate the pain in my hip. Im having a hip replacement on the next month.

My question is .....
Due to the leaning/compensating i have done is it likely i will get affected by arthritis is other joints (i have lots of pain in lower back and knee) or am i just at as much risk as someone not affected through childhood illness?!




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    Dear Miss I

    Thanks for your enquiry to us here at Helplines. We would not be qualified to answer that kind of question. We'd signpost you to put the question to someone medically qualified who's examined you and knows your medical history. The orthopaedic surgeon would be an ideal person to talk to, or perhaps someone in their team like one of the physiotherapists.

    If you are having a nerve racking time, in the run up to having surgery, there may be times when you may worry about whether your surgery will be worth it. The doubts can be hard to handle.

    I'm sorry I can't give you a more detailed answer to you, but the best chance of an answer should come from the the people I've mentioned.

    If you would like to get some of our self-management information, you can send your address and name to or do ring us if you want a chat.

    all the best