OA and Liver Function

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Hi,Just got the latest blood test results from my GP and he thinks my OA and my abnormal liver function could be linked.I have to have more bloods done tomorrow for Rheumatoid factor and Auto-immune profile.Will this determine if the OA and liver function is linked.I was diagnosed last Dec. with OA in the hands and wrists but since then it has also occurred in the shoulder,knees and feet.He did say the symptoms seem to have appeared quite quickly and I think he is at a loss to know why.He is making me an appointment to see a Rheumatologist,saying 'we'll see what he makes of it', but there is a long waiting list and I feel as though I am in limbo,nothing working for the pain and he won't prescribe me anything stronger than Sopadol until the liver problem is sorted.One question,is Sopadol the same as Co-codamol?He has given me another prescription and instead of Sopadol it says Co-Codamol.Many thanks,Breane.


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    Hi Breane
    I'm not sure what will show up on an auto immune profile but I don't think it will link OA & liver function. I realise this is an uncertain time for you waiting for results and I hope you don't have to wait too long for your appointment.
    Sopadol is the same as Cocodamol.
    Best wishes