Side effects of methotrexate - please help!

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Hello everyone, I hope you've had a better weekend than me! I've been poorly since Saturday night - awful sickness and the runs. It may be that I've just caught a bug from one of my children but I was wondering if it might have been a reaction to the MTX (which I take on a Fri night).

I've been on MTX with no ill effects since the end of Jan so can you 'grow into' the more unpleasant side effects over time?

Has this happened to anyone else? I'm dreading next Friday night already. :(


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    Hi, Sorry I can't answer this, but I am very interested as I have been taking the MTX for 3 weeks (no particular side effects noticed).

    The only thing I did wonder was how do we differentiate between what IS a side-effect and what is just a natural ailment? Perhaps it depends on how long you 'suffer' with the problem eh?
    And regarding tummy ache or 'the runs', there are so many bugs that can give you that - my OH has just had it for a week :(

    Hope it is only a bug you've had - you'll know after Friday night if it happens again though. Fingers crossed it won't :)

    Jackie x
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    hi, i have been on mtx for approx 8 months or so, i was fine for 1st month or so, just slight sickness but then it got worse, i suffered for the 1st 24hrs after taking my dose, felt generally rough. started on mtx injections because of the sickness, i was fine again for a few months then the sickness returned with avengence. but this time it was lasting for 48hrs sometimes more so i stopped taking it.
    i'm supposed to be starting tablets again but i am slightly reluctant.
    but on the plus side it may be worth speaking to rheumy or rhuemy nurse as i was told taking folic acid most days can help, also see gp and get some anti sickness if it carries on as i found them very helpful.
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    Hi Ramummy
    Sorry to hear you not feeling to well and lets hope its a bug and not the MTX. All people are different and respond diffrently to medication including the side effects. I was on MTX for over three years, for the first 6 months it was great and done its job with little side effects although i did have the bad tummy and felt fuzzy. They put me on the injections saying it was better for my Tummy, But the side effects got worse, Bad tummy, at times the runs, felt unwell 24/7 7 days a week, my head was fuzzy and i hated the stuff. However i stuck it out because my arthritis was so bad RA and PA The MTX stopped working and i ended up in and out of hospital trying to get arthur stabalised. But i should point out that i did have other medical problems that could have contributed to the side effects of MTX. I have met people in the hospital who have been on MTX for years and have little or no side effects and swear by the drug.. Did you go for education of the drug prior to taking it. they explain it can make you feel sick. You should take folic acid it is normally given when you go on MTX and depending on how you feel depends how much and how offten you take it. Talk to your Rheumy nurse or GP and lets just hope its a bug. Take Care and keep your chin up.
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    Yup Colin has the right idea check with your RA nurse I did get your symptoms and my GP has given me meds for the sick feeling which I take occassionally when I feel the need. I guess the Metho will effect us all on a day to day basis as our general health or lack of it will effect how well we tolerate the drug. It gets easier! Best wishes Susie
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    Hello everyone - thanks so much for your advice. This week I seem to have escaped so maybe it was just a bug after all.

    I phoned my Rheumy and spoke to him as we're going on hol tomorrow and he said if I was worried I could miss my dose of MTX this week.

    I decided to be brave and take to MTX on Fri and risk the side effects as I've been having terrible trouble with my ankle and I didn't want risk that getting worse while we're on holiday - so far so good - I'm SO relieved!!

    Right time for bed. Night all. xx