Gout an RA ( again)

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My R has been treating for me Gout and has now decided i may have Gout and RA even though when i first went to see him he said they could not co-exist. He has jumped straight into Methotrexate which i find somewhat alarming. I accept a lot is known and the dose at 7.5 mg oral is probably not great. I also have a friend who takes it and has had little side effect. I see from the forum experience is mixed. My concern is that some side effects need not be reversible. I was diagnosed with RA in the early 90s and treated with steroids and sulphasalazine. These also had side effects but somewhat less physically challenging. The RA went into remission until 2008. Can i hold off Mxt for a while and use steroids to see how it goes. I am not incapacitated and the problem is limited to my right wrist and right ankle, though i do feel more fatigued and find exercise hard.


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    Dear Hatjoug

    It sounds like your rheumatologist "jumping right into Methotrexate" is to contain your RA. This is a very common treatment for RA these days and as you have a history of it and have tried other drugs such as sulphasalazine and steroid treatment before strictly speaking it's not really jumping in without reason.

    I am wandering what you are being treated with for the gout. Is the problem in the wrist and ankle due to the gout or RA?

    Whether you hold off the Methotrexate for a while and use steroids instead and see how it goes is a very personal decision which only you can make. Using steroids will of course decrease any inflammation you have and help to manage the pain but will have no effect on decreasing your uric acid levels to manage the gout.

    For more information on gout please see this booklet: http://www.arc.org.uk/arthinfo/patpubs/6015/6015.asp

    If it would help to speak to us to discuss the situation please feel free to give us a call. Or if you would like an information pack to manage your arthritis and fatigue please private message us your full name, age, and postal address.

    Best wishes