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The conventional pill dispensers don't work for me and using my mobile has not helped so wondered if anyone has bought an electronic pill dispenser. The cheapest one i have seen is almost £90, a bit expensive for something which might not suit.



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    Hi there!

    Sorry cannot help you here - no ideas spring to mind. Do you have to take meds every day or it is a bit spasmodic which does of course make life more difficult.

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    As I take pills every day, I put the pill bottle on its side after taking them during the morning. During the evening I return the bottle upright so that the next day I know to take them.

    If upright, take a pill. If the pill bottle is lying on its side, the pill for that day has been taken.

    Joseph 8)
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    i put all mine into a cup on the coffee table,so then i know ive taken them all.
    bit more difficult with the oramorph as thats liquid.
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    CRICeKY i thought i wasnt that bad with only 16 to remember + 4 doses of oramorph
    + 4 amptryline. then anti sickness & the lactalose.
    i need to buy an alarm clock to remember all mine then.
    no wonder im being sent to pain clinic :shock: :shock: