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Hi all, some months back I posted a request for details of life after ankle fuson surgery. Since then things have change and now I am due to have ankle ligament surgery, Taylor procedure I think it's called. Can you please help? What I really would like to know is, will I be mobile again, or, how mobile, as I find it difficult to walk properly at present and can only manage a short distance be for my ankle starts to hurt. The good news is that I am not in constant pain. At the age of 53, and actively fit, the doctor says I am too young for ankle replacement. Fusion was an option, but my GP was dead against it due to further complications, i.e., knee, hip, and back problems. So there it is, an operation looms, and I cannot find any forums or reports on this procedure. Can you please help?

Many thanks in advance - raycas


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    Hi raycas
    Sorry we don't have info on ankle ligament surgery. This kind of operation is much more tailored to the individual than a replacement or fusion and the outcome is something to ask your surgeon. The kind of questions you might want to ask could be-
    will you do the operation yourself and what is your experience of doing it?
    If it is not you then who will do it and what is their experience?
    How successful do you think this will be for me?
    How mobile do you think I will be?
    Are there any complications I should be aware of?

    If you do get a reply from someone who has had this operation do remember that everyone's experience and outcome is different.
    Best wishes