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Hi All

I've just joined the forum and desperately need some help. I'm a 48-year old female and have spent a life-time participating in sports but I can now only walk about 10 minutes before feeling awful pain due to what 'they' say is Osteoarthritis in both hips. A surgeon has said he will re-surface both hips but to put it politely I found it difficult to communicate with him and have almost no confidence in him. I want to ask for a second opinion but despite looking at many websites I feel more confused than ever. I have read glowing recommendations for the surgeon who pioneered the Birmingham Hip Resurfacing technique and those who work with him but I'm keen to find a consultant in London.
I know that everybody's experience is personal to them but any suggestions of good service from a consultant would be ever so gratefully received.



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    Hi Rugy

    Welcome to the forum :) Sorry can't really offer any help but I do know you are entitled to a second opinion if you feel the need. Someone will be along soon with some answers I'm sure.

    Love Vonski x
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    Just to say welcome to the site. I've no experience to offer, but someone is bound to be along soon. Love Sue
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    hi, i had a birmingham hip resurfacement a few years ago, it was done at guys hospital in london. i have a huge amount of confidence in the surgeon / consultant who did it, i see him every yr for a check up, i would very much recomend him.
    please feel free to pm me if you want any info.