blood tests????

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hope you can help.seen rhymy today got sent for bloods tests.
i have oa,told him about all my problems especially really bad experience with hands going cold,hot skin to the touch,& im always cold even in warm weather.
the bloods were took,2 were sent to 1 dept, the other somewhere else.i only know this cause the girl taking bloods nearly put samples in the wrong holder & said thats no good would have gone to wrong dept.
so im wondering were 2 sent for rf & the other for raynauds,as rhymy has checked fingers again today.
i had so much to take in as im being sent for xrays,injections & to see pain specialist,it was so busy i just wanted to get bloods done & get home.
i was good as id made a list of what to tell him but im no good at asking for feed back.i suffer from anxiety so fight & flight hits.i just wanted to get home. or im i way off,were this just routine tests. thanks debs


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    Hello Debs

    First of all I just want to say well done for hanging in there rather than flying off. People don't realise how difficult situations like this can be to cope with when you suffer from anxiety as well. Good planning on your part to make a list of things to talk to him about.

    Regarding the blood tests it is quite common for blood samples to be sent to different departments for different types of tests. I couldn't say whether 2 were for rf and one for Raynaud's. It certainly sounds like you had a lot to deal with that day so I wouldn't worry about where the tests go as long as you get the test results. I realise you find it hard to ask for feedback but I wonder if you could make a list of questions to ask just as you did with a list of what to tell him. Such as what were the test for, what are the results and what do they mean, what happens next...etc I'm sure you have your own list, that was just to get you started.

    Best of luck with the next appointment. Once you know what is going on you know where we are if you need specific information.

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    thanx for the replie simona.
    ive taken it all in,& will make a list of questions.
    thanx again you all do a wonderful job.