A positive day!!!

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Well, today was a much better day for me!! On monday my gp put me on high steroids as a means to control my flare up and today i saw my consultant, who was lovely, listened and is helping!!!
My pain is not as bad at all today, prob due to all the steroids and painkillers!!! but who cares if it means you feel better!! i think talking helps too!!!!
I will need to have an op on my knees and start new meds, but the outlook is positive!!!
Has anyone any had a washout procedure?? I was on leflunomide and it now needs to be washed out using a medication?? my consult has put me on a small dose as it may apparently make me feel awful!!! doesnt sound great?!?!?!?! :roll:


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    Dear Kzurwell,

    Thanks for your enquiry to Helplines. This is the kind of enquiry which is worth asking the rheumatology specialist nurse at the clinic.
    Alternatively for less formal comments from people you could post your question on the living with arthritis forum on our website.

    I wonder whether you'd like a pack of our self-management information? If you would, just email your name and address to helplines@arthritiscare.org.uk (but do tell us your on-line name and kind of arthritis so we know what you'd like us to send you.)

    hope we can help further