trying to be positive!!

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im 24 years old and have had ra for 6 years!!
I have a little girl and a wonderful partner, but my god, its sooo hard!!
I am in the middle of the worst flare up ive ever had, the pain was unbearable but is now being controlled (mainly through massive doses of steroids so im sure to look like moonface soon!!!!)
To not be able to do the things you love like shopping, playing with little one,walk...... is so frustrating!!!!
A few days ago i felt like giving in to it, or giving up as i now see, but i just want people, particuarly young people who i feel struggle to cope with it, to know, just keep going,it does get better, at least i hope it does!!!
Its so hard to find people to talk to, as when you tell friends what is wrong, they associate your illness with that of an old woman/man!!!
they dont understand that young people can have arthritis!!!
Well, dont give up but most of all, always remain positive, as that is what will take you through!!!! :lol:


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    Hi kzurawel

    It does not seem too busy on this forum at the moment. The Living with Arthritis zone is really thriving with a mixture of threads.
    I am happy to see that you are not feeling as down as you were a few days ago. You are right, we should remain positive, count our blessings even when life is really tough and laughter is an excellent medicine too.

    We are all struggling with "arthur" on this forum, to some degree or other, some much worse than others, but we do all understand as we all have a dose of it again to a greater or lesser degree. We try to look out for each other and help and sympathise as much as we can.

    All ages call in but quite often it is the "oldies" that stay on the forum for long periods of time, years even. Perhaps we have more time! The youngsters, seem to come and go which is good because hopefully it means that they are feeling stronger and happier in themselves and know they can always call in to see what is going on, to share and ask questions.

    I hope your day is going well. Best wishes to your partner and your little girl too.

    Elna x
    The happiest people don't have the best of everything. They just make the best of everything.

    If you can lay down at night knowing in your heart that you made someone's day just a little bit better, you know you had a good day.
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    so sorry youve been feeling rough lately, sounds like your improving now so glad about that.
    i was only diagnosed with RA last month(but had it for about a year) so have got bad flares to look forward to. but do get bad days when cant work or do much.
    i also have a little girl, she was 2 last week and get down when cant do stuff i want to do with her. i also have a son hes 13 and helps me more than i would ever have thought he would.
    i am 33 so not as young as you but still feel i am to young for arthur, and like you say doesnt help when people just dont understand.
    anyway didnt meen to have a moan just wanted to say hi, wish you well and stay positive
    take care
    all the best
    page :D
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    hi, when i was dx with o/a i thought ''old persons disease'' its not what ive got. but it is.
    i wish somewhere that we could get the message across that it affects people of all ages.
    i thought my grandad had this, my mums got this.but not 41.
    my stepsons friend stays here sometimes,he was interested in my condition.after reading about pa,i informed him to go to the drs,as he has psrisis(SP) & his ankles on every step click.i told him to get it checked he's 16 but doubt he will go to gps.
    im so glad that my girls dont live with me & see me in pain daily,my partners been great,but he does struggle watching me each day in pain knowing theres nothing he can do.
    he pushs me to go out & try to carry on as normal,but is hard & frustrating.sometimes i think no1 cares but deep down i know he does & thats all that matters.debsx
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    Hi just read your post and it rang a bell. I was diagnosed 13 years ago at 25 after birth of my first daughter. Just to reassure you despite all the ups and downs of this illness it does get a little easier as you learn to cope with the flare ups (although sometimes you do think they are going to last forever, bit like kids not sleeping! lol).