so confused

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i think i must be stupid , as i dont know yet where i stand with ESA i have been on the basic rate of £60.50 from 23 dec and its now well past the 13 weeks assesment have filled a ib50 form in ages ago ,going to the pathways to work focust interviews not had a medical or health interview , says on paper work that your money goes up from week 14 just feel in limbo at the moment , have had to resign from my job as it would not do me any favours , really feel like a rant at somebody sorry if its all waffle xxxx
I know i am a lady ,all life is a journey xx MAY xx


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    I have been on ESA since about the same time, give or take a week. I have my pathways meeting tomorrow, delayed due to my THR. I noticed last week that my ESA had gone up by about £7 per fortnight.
    I hope you get yours sorted soon
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    Hello, I'd phone them up if I where you and ask about your rate of payment and medical. It may be possible they have made a mistake somewhere. :( I think if they have, you get back payment. :)
    You could also try CAB, they may help.
    Best wishes in sorting this out. :)