Drinking and MTX

scanham Member Posts: 14
I have just started on MTX and I know that you are extremely limited on your alcohol intake which I understand for the obivous health reasons but my Rheumi has said that she is happy for me to have up to 10 units a week and no more. I am not a big drinker by any means I don't drink in the week at all but like to drink socially at the weekend with friends and I will really miss it! I know thats sounds like I am a big drinker but please believe me I am not - its just that when its taken away from you its hard, having a drink and chilling with friends always helped after a busy AND painful week! I have my 40th birthday party coming up in June and feel it just wont be the same not being able to drink as much - I know thats all in my head and will still have a great time. I happened to be able to speak to another Rheumatologist briefly the other day and he said dont take MTX on the week of my party so that I can have a drink??? I know this may be a silly question but if I dont have any of the units in the week can I have them at the weekend? Reading that back I know how stupid that sounds because I know the answer really- my liver cannot take a big dose of alcohol all in one go!!!!! I am on a low dose to start -10mg and although I enjoy the odd glass of wine its a small price to pay if the drug helps me.
I am new to this site and feel I have so many questions to ask but just wondered what everyone else had been told about this particular issue cos my consultant never really went into much detail and why I shouldn't drink, she just handed me a load of leaflets to read. I am waffling now so will go but please let me know what advice you have been given.