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As some of you will remember I had a bilateral TKR done four weeks ago. I have not had to take any painkillers and the level of pain even with physio has been low. Yesterday my knees were hurting after only a short while and really sore standing to sitting and vicer versa :roll: The burning and tight band feeling is worse am I over doing things or is it just everything coming back to life though skin and knees still numb :? Has anyone else found this in their recovery? Thanks Anne


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    Hi Anne

    I did feel sometimes that I went two steps forward and then one step back in my recovery. As you mention about overdoing things, then perhaps you are. My surgeon kept repeating to me that it was a major operation and to take things steady. The knee has had a big shock and needs time to adjust to this metal and plastic insert and the nerve endings need to settle and all the bruising go. As you had both done, it is all a double whammy for you with everything but at least it was all over in one go.

    Best wishes
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    Hi Anne
    Elna knows more than me, but I just wanted to offer my sympathy and say I think you're doing really well. I expect the nerves etc are protesting at being mucked about with.
    Hope you continue to improve
    Toni x

    Toni xxx
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    Hi, Nothing to add, I'm sorry, just wanted to wish you well. I do know operations take a while to heal and give some strange pains! Love and best wishes Sue
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    Hi Anne cant say anything never had it, just wanted to say hope your feeling better soon
    Take Care
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    colinone wrote:
    Hi Anne cant say anything never had it, just wanted to say hope your feeling better soon
    Take Care

    Hi Anne
    Its often the case that when we start feeling a bit better after surgery we tend to do more than perhaps we should and pay the price. The only thing I just wanted to mention was to check that there is no evidence of infection. Its very unlikely unless its warm and a bit red, but just worth checking it out. Hope the pain starts to improve
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    No experience just wanted to wish you well and hope it begins to feel better soon.

    Take care,
    Marie x