Tingling sensation in lt arm

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I just wonder whether tingling sensation and pins and needles are the same thing!! I have constant tingling sensation in my left arm, it usually starts in my lt thumb and then spread in my arm. I still have feeling in my lft arm, it does not go numb. I have always referred it to as pins and needles. Scan shows trapped nerve in neck. Thanks


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    Hi Marie
    Think they are the same thing - just a matter of description!
    Poor you!
    Toni xx
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    Hi Marie,

    As Toni says they are much the same just varying degree's. I used to get a kinda electric shock that went down my arms if I was sat down and down to my feet if I was stood up every time I looked down but now they have given me the Pregabalin and the jabs in my neck it is just pins and needles to one shoulder so maybe you could ask for better pain relief or poss physio? There maybe a way to get the nerve de trapped? It's not nice but I think you could get some better management from the hospital. Take care, Cris
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    HI Yes, it does sound like the same thing, I get it in mainly my left arm and hands. I have carpel tunnel and a bone spur touching my spine, so I'm not sure which is causing which. :? Have you seen your GP? I hope so. Love Sue.