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well have been to docs this morning different one, as usual one is on holiday lucky for some , Well until now have been given sick notes for 6 or 8 weeks at a time , this one says until further notice x :? :shock: so i don't know what to expect to happen now with esa , and pathways work directions interviews ect , will they send me for a medical assessment now , or not x feeling really useless , i know it would be a struggle to work with the limitations , but worried that the medics will try and contradict each other , and say i can work :? sorry just on a rant xxxx


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    sorry you have had such a shock. I have been for my `Pathways` interview today and it was quite painless ( or should that read useless :shock: ) Maybe if they do a medical for you they can assess if they can find a different type of work for you? If not , then I`m sure that will take time to adjust to.
    And you rant away!! Its what we are here for!!
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    Hey Bertyboy
    You are NOT useless!!! Far from it!!!!
    You haven't been written off, hopefully just been given time, and the prsessure taken off while you get as better as you can.
    Not an expert on all the ESa mlarky, but someone will hopefully be along soon to give you more answers.
    You take care
    Toni x
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    thanks folks its nice to be able to rant , and get comfort in return xxxx
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    Hi bertyboy
    First of all your not useless your just not well, I had to retire through the RA and PA about 18 months ago, i must admit i did feel bad about the early retirement and it took time to get used to it. But to tell the truth i would never have been able to go back to work, it was just a matter of excepting it and trying to get on with life. You should go along to SAB and have a chat with them they are very helpfull and will give you all the info you need. or try this web site.
    Take Care mate and please dont let it get to you.
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    I second exactly what Colin said, you're not useless, you are ill and there is a big difference.

    I think we all tend to feel guilty about being off and it seems the most genuine people who feel this way. The one thing I've noticed since my disability became severe is how many are at the capers. It is a small minority, but I've found now, people confide in me at work that they say they are away to the Dr and are off home or away shopping. I hate that they think this is ok and that because now I'm ill they are telling me this thinking I'm going to be doing the same. Some are so cocky, I know the Managers are onto them and it's because of this I think they take such a hard line with illness and time off and the genuine ones suffer.

    Don't feel bad, take the time you need to get yourself better, stressing about what other people think can add to your illness.

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