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Hi everyone!

Im Kirstin and totally new to this forum!

I've had arthritis since I was 5 but diagnosed when I was 8, been on many different things but not on an Anti-TNF that seems to be doing the trick at the moment (fingers crossed)

Just a note to folk - I am part of the Scottish Arthrits"Joint Potential" programme that is being run by Arthritis Care and is happening at the moment! Its all very exciting and will be a massive success!Its basically about people who have arthirits coming togethere and being contacts for younger people with arthritis! If you want to know more log on to.!

Better go home now - speak soon!

K x :)


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    Hi Kirstin

    I'm not that young but wanted to welcome you to the forum :) I'm sure others will be along soon to do the same.

    Hope you have fun on here and chat to lots of people.

    Vonski x
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    hi kirstin, welcome to the forum,
    im kirsty btw had arthrittis since i was 13 i think but was diagnosed last april. im 16 now.
    iv tried a few things now but not the anti tnf,imnot sure wat to do now tho causwe it is getting worse. nice to have more members yay!
    surprised uv not had more replies yet
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    hi everyone i've just joined today i suffer with JIA for the past 5 yrs i was told i had it when i was 13 i have just turned 19 this week

    i'm medication for it methotrexate as my main one but i am slowly coming off of them showing that i am growing out of it which was what i was told when diagnosed with it

    what medication if any are any of u on would just like to know if it same or not