New furniture, but quick question please!

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Hi everyone,
Have taken delivery of my new office furniture at school this week, which I've got through Access to Work. It's great, especially like the height adjustable desk. I have a question, though, if you don't mind - I was assessed and specific items were recommended, one of which was a perching stool for use when the desk is high - I think you're almost supposed to be standing up and just sit back on it. I have a colleague with arthritis (she has has joint replacements which I haven't) and she said that she'd been told never to perch as it puts strain on the joints. Does anyone know anything about this? Thankyou, Josie :wink:


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    Hi Josie
    Perching stools are designed so that you can support some of you body weight on your legs. Most P stools come with a seat that slopes forward and ajusted so that you can rest your bum on it whilst still on your feet taking some of the weight. They are good for getting closer to your desk as you dont need as much room because of the position your in, also can be used as an aid in the bathroom like mine. Take care
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    I was given 2 perching stools by OT to use after my THR. One in kitchen, one in bathroom. I was advised that when using one you should not sit so far back that you rest on backrest. If you do thats too far, and not a good angle to be in. As colin said the seat is slanted forward so you still need to put weight on to your feet.
    Hope that helps
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    Thankyou for your replies, maybe it is because my colleague has had so many joints replaced that she has been advised not to perch. Not sure how I'll find it as my feet are the most painful bit of me, but will see how I get on. Regards, Josie :wink: