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I got a bad chest infection back in November along with breathing problems and muscle problems in my throat. I got the all clear to restart my drugs 4 weeks ago mtx prednisolone and Enbrel although I’m to come off the mtx. 4 weeks into it I am back to square one, lost my voice swallow muscles not working properly breathing gone strange and developed a funny sort of cough. I saw Rheumy nurse yesterday and was told to stop all drugs except prednisolone otherwise I will become bed ridden again. Not had much luck with drugs seems they only work for a short time or I get bad side effects, Nurse tells me they will take me off the Enbrel and give me something else. It took me just on 5 months to shake off the last illness because of the immune system. The worst thing about all this is that you can do nothing to help yourself you are reliant on the doctors and nurses, I just hope they sort me out another drug soon.
Take care you all
PS wife is made up my voice has gone LOL


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    Hi Colin,

    I am sorry its all started again. I hope you will get some different meds soon and will get rid of the infection once and for all. take care Cris x
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    hi colin,sorry to hear that your poorly again.
    wishing you well.hope it all clears up soon.
    take care & rest up.
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    Hi Colin

    I'm so sorry to hear that you are struggling with your medication, and feeling so unwell. As you say, it is very frustrating when you can't do anything much to help yourself, and are dependent on the medics. It is that loss of control which makes life even more difficult.

    I hope they can sort things out for you soon so that you will feel better. You haven't lost your sense of humour anyway, which is evident in your comment about your wife's opinion :!: :lol::lol:

    Take care

    Joan :D
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    Thanks Debs thanks Cris it seems all i do is rest up lol i'm going to do all i can in the garden this week or at least untill the enbrel wears off.
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    dont over do it colin.
    i got my plants all sitting in the kitchen waiting to be potted up & its rained ever since they got delivered.

    yes you can blame me for the rain,it always happens when i want to do something outside.
    it always rains just after weve washed the car(i say we,oh has washed the car) :lol: & if i leave washing out on the line & go out.sods law with me.
    hope the sun comes back soon.debsx
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    Hi Joan and thanks for your good wishes, got to keep the sense of humour or ill go mad. Poor kay is full of sympathy for me, i think she finds it hard to cope with my illness as much as i do. I really thought Enbrel was going to work for me it is so dissapointing when these things happen. My arthur was just starting to feel better than it had for some time. Well back to the rheumy on 18th May, just hpoe things clear up i found it so hard to cope last time without the medication. Still not to worry it will sort itself out take care
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    Hi colin
    just wanted to say good luck with new meds when you get them, and hope you dont suffer to much while you wait.
    happy gardening :D
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    Hi Colin

    Sorry to hear you are having more problems. I hope they get sorted out soon and you get back to your old self.

    To your wife, it's true! every cloud does have a silver linning :lol:

    Love Vonski x
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    Oh Colin
    I am so sorry :(
    What an awful position to be in. You msut be devastated.
    he he!! to your wife!!!
    Hope really that they do sort you out very very soon.
    Take care
    Toni xx
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    i think it's these things that make arthur so hard to cope with.
    i've had to stop my mtx iinjections due to side effects, mainly sickness, i really should be taking mtx tablets but i can't deal with the sickness and my 2 yr old, rheumy nurse keeps telling me to try the tablets but she doesn't seem to understand that if the sickness comes back (which it did when i was on mtx tablets before) it's impossible to look after my daughter properly.
    so you have my sympathy, if it's any help?!

    i can't offer much else i'm afraid but i do know the frustration.
    take care and really don't over do it, i should listen to my own advice really!
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    Take it easy Colin and try to stay positive.
    You can talk all you want on here we're ready to
    Linda H 8)
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    Sorry to hear about the chest infection
    and the problem with the meds Colin.

    Hope everything works out well
    and you can keep on top of the arthur.

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    Sorry to hear the wheels have fallen off. Hope you're on the road to recovery very soon.

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    Hiya Colin, sorry to hear you're suffering at the hands of the meds again. I can really empathise with you at the moment as you have seen from my thread I am having similar meds trouble. I hope you start to feel better soon and that your appointment on the 18th brings good results in that there is something else you can try.

    Enjoy the garden but try not to overdo it :)

    Take care,
    Marie x
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    Hi Colin,

    I haven't got anything new to add to anyone's posts as above, but I do agree with all the comments.

    Just wanted to say Get Well Soon.

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    HI colin, Hope you soon get those meds sorted. I suppose its a case of trial and error, but it is disappointing :( . Still you've got the best time of the year to get over the problem. Lots of well wishes Sue
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    woodbon wrote:
    HI colin, Hope you soon get those meds sorted. I suppose its a case of trial and error, but it is disappointing :( . Still you've got the best time of the year to get over the problem. Lots of well wishes Sue

    Hi Colin
    only just seen this post. So sorry that youre having such problems with the meds. Really hope you can get sorted soon and start to feel better.
    Lots of cyber hugs and good wishes
    love Gillx