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My RH first diagnosed Gout and now R. Arthritis. My R. factor is borderline but my anti-CCP is strongly positive. He originally told me you cannot get both but now thinks i may have both. Looking at this website i have discovered over 200 types of Arthritis exist. I pursued one: Psoriatic Arthritis. I suffered badly from Psoriasis as a child and recently had a mild flare up which then faded. My right big-toe nail has cross ridges and brown discolouration. This has been the case ever since i first felt inflammation and pain on my right ankle. The inflammation is at the base of the heel and into the achilles tendon. I do not have the same problem on the left ankle. I do however have inflammation of the right wrist. Is it possible that i have Psoriatic Arthritis? If so, does it make any difference to the treatment?



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    Dear George,

    Thank you for your enquiry to Arthritis Care. Clearly some people do have psoriatic arthritis. In the case where you have a previous hisory of psoriasis it will be important to make this known to the rheumatology team. I wonder whether you've been able to make an appointment with the rheumatology specialist nurse?

    If you are already being prescribed a disease modifying drug such as methotrexate, then that often might well be the kind of treatment offered for active psoriatic arthritis too.

    You've not mentioned whether they've identified active inflammation in your blood. It can be helpful with your treatment to know the target numbers the specialists are aiming for (ie what level of inflammatory reduction).

    do email us your name and address to and mention that we've spoken on the forum, so we can send you an information pack

    hope that helps