Dont know when to tell Manager about op????

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I Saw consultant this week and he is gunna do a THR I havent told my manager yet because of the way she reacted when I first told her that I had OA and may need a replacemnent, her only concern was can I do my job" although she appologised later (but I think maybe someone had a word in her ear "disability discrimination") I think I am going to leave it until I have the date for the pre-op and tell her then. I shouldnt feel guilty because I NEED a operation, I go to work everyday and I am in a lot of pain a lot of the time, but I dont go off sick I carry on as usual doing my job to the best of my ability.
Why do I feel so awful having to tell her.


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    Because she sounds like an A*se that's why you feel guilty. And you shouldn't. You go in, you work, you don't give them any cause to be snide with you. You tell them when you feel like it, you are under no obligation to tell them until you have an appointment. If you feel you want to let them know then do so and if they give you any grief, advise them calmly and politely that you are covered under the DDA and they cannot treat you unfavouably because of it. I know how you feel, I had a few bad days and was off and felt guilty and everyone was telling me I was crazy because I had a genuine reason to be off. This op is a big thing and could change your life for the better, surely your work want that for you.
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    Hi Denise

    I agree with everything eckstar said :-) Just wanted you to know we're here for support whenever you need it.

    And don't take their sh1t :-)