Work is getting harder day by day!

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Hi all

I am finding it harder day by day to do my job.
I work in a supermarket and recently my job has changed and there is more lifting and bending.
It is agony!
It takes me agood 5 mins to get in the car because the pain is off the scale and once at home i have to sit with a hot water bottle for an hour before i can try and move!
I have tried working on the tills but that doesn't help either as i have to twist and my back locks up if i am still.

I have just got this feeling that either my knees or my back are going to go at any time and that's going to be it for me!!

How do you cope at work?

Thanks for listening.


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    Hi Heather
    I too am finding it more and more difficult at every shift I work. I seem to be in more pain and I work in a shop most of my shifts I work by myself so I get a chair behind the till and sit down, I am not supposed to and one day my area manager will come in and catch me (but so what). We have deliveries which we have to carry totes of clothes into the shop and I will only carry them in by myself if they are light and even thats awkward, I do my best, but I am getting worse by the day. I dont have a choice I have to work as my husband is disabled and I know that no-one else would employ me in my condition so its just a matter of carrying on. Its better to post on here and get a bit of support and encouragement from others in the same situation than to think your are alone.
    Take care
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    Is there anyway you could change the type of work you do, so that it is less physically demanding? I do know this can be hard, as I am a care assistant and the council want me to take ill health retirement.

    I expect you've already thought of this. Do you have Occupational Health, as they may be able to help you.

    I do hope things get better for you both. Love Sue
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    Yes, try Occy Health and also the DLA for advice. I'm sure there's help out there, it just needs to be easier to access.