Arthritis and trying to conceive,not working and wondering ?

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Hi all im 26 and trying for a baby.
Iv been off methotrexate and mobic for 9 months now and came off the birth control 5 months ago.

I am unemployed and claming jsa but that has run out now and i cant clam for income based as my fiance is workinf full time.

Does any one know if i will be able to clame incopacity benefit as im not on any drugs and arthitis is bad whilst trying to conceive.???

Thanks in advance.


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    Hello, I have never posted on this board before, but introduced myself on the living with arthritis forum last night.
    I am 22, suffering with RA for 6 months.
    I am not sure about claiming the incapacity benefit, but I do suggest you see somebody (at the job centre or something) as soon as possible because being unemployed and pregnant is not any fun. I didn't fing out I was pg until I was almost 10 weeks (irregular periods) and I had quit my job before I found out. I was basically unemployable after that because who wants to employ a pregnant woman? I wasn't entitled to any benefits until my son was born. So I really suggest you work out where you are with it before you get pregnant.
    As for the trying to concieve. They key is to 'baby dance' every 3 days, no matter where you are with your cycle, unless you really don't want to do it when you are on your period. Although if you are going to avoid sex when you are on your period try to encourage your partner to 'let off steam'. Forget about when you are and aren't ovulating, just got for it every 3 days. he biggest mistake people amke is only having sex when they think they are ovulating. Even if you ARE ovulating then, the sperm will be low quality if you haven't done it for a while!
    It is possible that your body is still trying to get all the MTX and birth control pills.
    Something you don't realise until you have a baby is how clever your body is. . . tayloring milk production to your baby's needs, making wine taste like pond water when you are pregnant etc. It's amazing what your body will do to ensure the health of a baby. If there is something still in there it doesn't like, it won't let you get pregnant. It won't allow you to get pregnant if you are under too much stress either, which is why it's best to take a relaxed approach to TTC.
    Good luck! I hope you get your positive soon.