OA,RA & Liver Function

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Hi,My last lots of bloods came back last Friday and my GP said I have both OA(diagnosed last Dec.)and now RA. He thinks this is why my liver function tests have been mildy abnormal since last Dec. Can arthritis effect the workings of liver function tests as I've not read about this anywhere.I am waiting for an appointment to see a rheumatologist but thought you may be able to answer this question before then.He has now added anti-inflamatories and a stomach protector tablet to take in conjunction with the Sopadol I have been taking but I have read that anti-inflamatory tablets can alter liver function test readings.I am now wondering if I will ever get my liver function back to normal. Hope you may have some advice about this. Breane.


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    Hi Breane
    Some drugs can affect liver function but your GP is prescribing knowing that your liver function tests are 'mildly abnormal' which could mean that he is not overly concerned about this. Do talk to him again if you are still worried.
    Best wishes