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hi wondered if you can offer any advice.Until last Dec i worked for DWP as first contact officer.I resigned last Dec and am now working as social care officer but am finding this post a bit hard to deal with due to my arthritis.Was told by DWP i could request reinstatement any time in next 2 years so i applied and have since been told although my work record is fine timekeeping etc the only job they have is the same as the 1 i resigned from and as such it would be no use as would be sitting for long periods of time no good for my back.Was wondering are they breaking DDA law because its only because of my disability they wont re employ me Any help greatly appreciated


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    Hi ohithurts

    Sorry to hear you are going through tough times again. Is your work saying "they wont reemploy" you or are they just being awkward in making adjustments? From what you have written I'm a bit confused about the whole situation. Would it be possible for you to give us a call to talk it through and get the full picture.

    Basically the law says that your employer has to make reasonable adjustments to keep you employed. For more details about the law and your rights you might like to look at our booklet on Working with Arthritis:

    If you feel that you could go back to your old job provided that they made reasonable adjustments such as allowing you to get up and move around as and when necessary, a better chair for support, etc. then there is no reason why they should not allow you to do so if the job is still available or you may wish to stay in your position as Social Care Officer provided certain "reasonable adjustments" are made.

    It may help you to talk it through with us if you need help with making some decisions about what you need. It may also help to talk to a Disability Employment Officer at your local job centre. Perhaps there is an Occupational Health Department at work you could speak to.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Best wishes