Treatment for thumb.

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I have osteoarthritis in my thumb, i have had constant pain for 6 weeks now, its swollen and i can hardly move it and on some days i cant touch it at all.

I have just been given diclofenac but i would like to know if thats all there is? I cant work or do day to day without a splint but work are saying i cant wear it for infection control.

In the past two days i have got a dull throbbing feeling down my fingers to the joint is this arthritis?



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    Hi Charlotte

    Sorry to hear that you're having so much trouble from your thumb.
    You mention work and infection control so I'm wondering if you're involved in health care? There's a lot more available than just taking diclofenac, though this may prove very helpful for pain relief in the short term. You could ask your GP to refer you to a hand therapist or hand injuries clinic. A lot of people find relief from using a paraffin wax hand bath - a quick google search will give you the info on where to obtain one.
    If it's impossible to carry out tasks at work then ask your employers how they can help you. You're very welcome to call us on the helpline to discuss things before broaching the subject at work.

    Best wishes
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    Thank you, yes i work in theatres as a domestic. They have told me i cant wear the splint because of infection but there are no light duties in the job i do.

    I have been told to wait a month to see if the diclofenac make a difrerence, and unofficially wear the splint with a glove unless i get caught by infection control :? as i really cant work without it at the moment.

    Ill go look for the wax thing you mentioned thanks.
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    I wonder whether you've got any of our information on self-management and hand problems - because this is a condition where a lot of what can be helpful involves knowing what to do.

    If you'd like us to send that information, just e-mail [email protected] and explain that you'd been talking about hands on chat to helplines.

    I hope you find that helpful