I would like some help please.

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I have a fizzing feeling in my leg's that i've had for over a year i have trouble standing and walking to far now i have acheing in my hip's and back.
my doctor wont give me any more medication as nothing work's i feel so worn out.
i'm going for a mri lumber scan on the 22 of june.
i have cerebral palsy artifical hip and knee.
i have not been told i have arthritis
i was so fed up yesterday i went in boot's and got some glucosamine and chondroitin it also has ginger in it.
sorry i'm going on joan xx
take care
joan xx


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    Hi there,

    sorry to hear that you are having such a painful time with all of this right now. In this situation there may not be a lot that we can suggest if you already are getting pain medication from your GP. Obviously what you really need is the results of scan, to know what is happening.

    But the kinds of things which are worth considering are more about pacing yourself through the day and taking small amounts of exercise.

    I hope you will consider logging onto the living with arthritis forum as that kind of day to day support can really make the difference.

    I wonder whether you've got some information to look at? If not do send us a e-mail to [email protected] with your name and address and we'll post you some.

    I hope you find some good support on the forum during this stressful time.

    all the best
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    Thank you Guy.
    I have the infomation it's very good.i will write on the living with arthritis forum.
    joan xx
    take care
    joan xx