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Hello everyone - I'm very new to all this so I hope it works !

I've been off sick for 4 months with OA in spine, knees and shoulders.
I've struggled for several years, but am now too exhausted and have too much pain to go on despite lots of help from my manager.

We've agreed that ill health retirement is now the best option, but the problem is that I'm only currently seeing a consultant for my spine, and he's referred me to the pain clinic as they want to hold on as long as possible for replacement joints (I'm 53) and had 2 hips replaced 20 years ago (now wearing out!)

I've only ever seen an OH nurse, who has taken my consultants report to indicate that I'm fit to work - I'm waiting for a "cut and burn" procedure on my spine, and she thinks it's a "cure".

I've now persuaded her to get a report from my GP who's known me for 25 years and is very supportive, but I'm concerned that a nurse can make such a huge decision about my ability to work.

I've read several people's comments about seeing an OH doctor, and wonder if anyone knows whether I can insist that I see a doctor rather than the nurse next time I have to go to Occy Health, because they may at least understand the technical medical terms which my consultant put in his letter!


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    Sorry to hear of your troubles. The short answer is yes. In some places you can have what is called a Self Referral, but for certain your manager can get in touch with them on your behalf and ask a Dr. to see you. They will then send you out an appointment.
    good luck, let us know how you do
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    Thanks Rita - I'll make sure that if I don't have any luck, then my manager will get me an appointment with a doctor.

    Will keep you posted
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    Hi Florrie!

    You can insist on seeing an Occy doctor rather than a nurse- especially as the stakes are so high.
    I was assessed by an OH ergonomist at the beginning of the year and was both disappointed with the quality & depth of the assessment & disagreed with her findings. I refused to sign the assessment outcome and asked for an OH Specialist. I was lucky and was referred immediately to a Consultant OH Advisor. He was both thorough and gave me advice with regard to my rights under DDA. It made such a difference!
    Stick to your guns! It's your future and unless you are completely happy with the assessor don't settle for second best!Good luck.
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    Just wondered how you're doing Florrie, did you get to see an OH Dr. and how did it go.
    rita :)