ESA appeal today?????

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Hi everyone.

SHOCKED! i went today to my appeal with all my eveidence. What a shock i got i did not have all the paper work i needed, they had sent it to the wrong address. also the results of the independent medical were shocking saying i was able to do all and every task, which included lifting heavy bags(never seen any bags) also does the crossword for twenty mins a day. I have never done cross words in my $%*[email protected]@+ life. the judge and the doctor were really helpfull saying that he would defer the appeal. advice for those who are at this stage get info from all parties GP, Specialist. Councellor, Physio. and make sure3 that they are comprehensive not just a note. I have a degenerative illness but there is nothing wrong with me? furious would be an understatement.
Please make sure you get as much evidence as you can.. :x :x :x


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    Okay,so they lie basically!Doesnt surprise me.And why does doing a crossword for 20 min mean you are well enough to work anyway?When will your next appeal take place?
    Hope you are okay after such a gruelling day...
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    When was it a crime to do the crossword? How does this affect claiming ESA???? Next thing you know you won't be able to read or watch television - what a ludicrous thing to put on someone's medical. Shocked - I would've been bl***y furious!!!

    I hope your appeal goes well. What on earth do they expect from people with severe problems such as arthritis? Surely the medical profession with their expertise of the body and medical conditions should know better?

    Honestly!!! :?: :!: :roll: :roll:

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    Hi, 'I really don't believe it' in the words of the famous Victor Meldrew! Only I'm afraid I do believe it possilbe for the incompitence of such an agency only seems to get worse every day. I was shocked at Dwp losing my P60 original, although, the last paper work they sent me included the form with a hand written note saying 'We found this in the bottom of the draw!' Yes, I've found my calling, I am a Grumpy Old Woman.

    I'm sorry, I don't mean to make fun of the situation, its just that a couple of years ago when I was at work, I just would'nt have believed just how bad things are. Sending confidential documents to the wrong address with the technology available these days, should be impossible. I've worked in offices and sent out confidential information to countries all over the world. A mistake like that and I would have been on a warning, the next time, out the door.

    Sorry I'm stealing your rant, I hope you get all the paperwork and the hearing goes well for you in the end. I don't think the staff dealing with this kind of work have a proper understanding of the worry, hardship and harm to ill people, that they cause. The very best of good luck for the claim and I shall be looking to see how things go for you and hoping for the best. Take care, love Sue
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    Thats appalling but I'm not surprised!
    I was turned down for ESA recently and I requested the medical report. This consisted of 11 Q for physical probs and 10 Q for mental. The doc gave me 6 points for not being able to lift liquid. But he changed my answers for other things saying I was fine to do everything else! Even though I proved I couldn't squat at all he said I could!
    He didn't look at my medical form and asked me questions that weren't included in his report, can you use a phone/computer. He told me my answer wouldn't fit in his box.
    I'm off to see my MP on Saturday to tell him how crap the system is!!

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