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Hi everyone, sorry but I feel the need to whinge today. I've been wondering if I have a flare coming on or if my meds are no longer working now that I've changed my dosage regime. Either way I need more spoons to get through today.

I've had to go to the hospital again today but to see about my blood when I really needed the rheumy instead! I never seem to get the right consultant at the right time! The good news is that my blood is doing well (for me anyway) and the Dr simply said that my immune system was busy attacking my joints instead judging by the way that I stumbled in. It is good news though as this morning I was expecting my blood to be so bad that I would be admitted. It's strange that when I feel that I need to be admitted I'm not and when I do need admitting I feel great. :? :? I guess my immune system can't attack everything at once. Buy boy, it's it doing a good job on my joints today.

I've got a generalised flare coming on and it took me hours just to get ready for the hospital. I'm back to wearing elastic waists and tops without buttons just so I could get dressed. My hair looks limp because I can't use my hands very well to do it. This is when I thought about needing more spoons today. And that was only getting showered and dressed.

I've just taken codyramol to bump up my pain patch and had a 2 hour sleep so I'm feeling a better in myself now. Thankfully hubby is home from work today and is looking after Meg. He also had to drive me to the hospital whereas I usually drive myself. There was no way I could walk up or down a hill from where I could park and I don't have a blue badge as I'm not usually bad enough to need one.

My hubby was going to go to visit old friends for the weekend but he's had to cancel ...again. He's really good about it but he's missed so many gatherings or cancelled his plans because of me that I feel awful. I know it's not my fault but it's certainly not his. It just sucks and it's hard not to get really down on days like this.

If any of you have spoons to spare today please send them my way, I think I started off today with a deficit. :|


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    Hi C4thy.
    I think life can be hard at times and things are sent to try us to see how we get on.
    try and look at the best bits of the day.
    and say i coped with that.
    joan xx
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    Sorry to hear you're having a bad patch Cathy :( hope things settle down soon.

    What size spoon would you like - would a soup ladle help or possibly a spade from the garden then at least your hubby can shovel the s**t away for you :wink::lol:

    Luv Legs :D
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    hi, sorry to hear you feel rotten today, its good about the bloods though. :wink: I feel yuk today, hope I have't caught something as I'm feverish and not eating & only drinking water, well I did just manage a ginger cerial bar, to keep me going, purely medicinal only.

    Not good that your joints are playing up though, nasty. Hope all is more comfy soon. Is your hospital on a hill? We'v got a hill, here in Norwich and guess where it is? Yes, thats right - the big, new hospital is built right at the top! Take care, love Sue :)
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    Hey Legs, I'll have the spade please! Strange how doing next to nothing can feel just as tiring.

    Sue, You're right, why do hospitals have to be built on hills? The Royal Gwent is half way up a hill so parking is either on the top or the bottom. Either way there's a nasty walk involved. Even if I had a blue badge I'd still be hard pushed to find a space as hospitals are inevitably a hot spot for blue badge holders!

    My day has ended on a better note than it started. My 3 year old, Meg, has been an absolute darling. She's been prescribing me chocolate to make me feel better, reading me stories and giving me lots of very gentle cuddles. :) I often feel guilty that I can't do the things that other mothers can but on the flip side Meg has learnt to be a very caring compassionate little girl. She's very helpful, within what a 3 year old can do and always makes me smile. She wants to be a Dr when she's big so that she can 'make Mammy better'. Aww. :)

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